Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1. Is MRGF a rescue or shelter?

No, we are not a shelter or a rescue. We currently provide funding to assist animal rescues, shelters, and sanctuaries across the U.S. via a grant program.

2. Can you help me re-home an animal in need?

We do not have a foster or adoption network and are not able to re-home animals. Please search for local shelters or rescue organizations to assist you.

3. I have questions about your organization. How can I contact you?

Please visit the “Contact Us” tab on our website for further information.

MRGF Grant Program Information

1. What is the goal of the MRGF grant program?

Our organization was created with the overall goal of preventing cruelty to animals and enhancing their lives. One component of achieving that goal is to support small nonprofits who already have the infrastructure in place to help animals, but would benefit from additional financial support.

2. What types of organizations is MRGF funding?

We are able to give funds to eligible 501(c)3 organizations that focus on animal welfare. At this time, there are no restrictions on the species of animal. Please view our Grants page to see a list of past recipients. MRGF is only considering organizations with an operating budget under $1.5 million dollars at this time, and we require a recent IRS Form 990.

3. How does my organization get a grant application?

At this time, we are only offering grant applications to pre-selected invitees. We are considering open grant cycles in the future, but we are still fine-tuning this process so our pool of applicants is being kept small. Newly formed organizations are ineligible as we require a recent IRS Form 990 to be provided.

4. What types of programs is MRGF funding?

Allowable programs include, but are not limited to: adoption, foster, hospice or home care, prevention and intake diversion to keep pets in their homes, community outreach, education, food pantries, and providing low cost medical care. Due to its highly variable nature, we are not providing funding for training programs at this time. Additionally, we are only funding dental procedures performed under anesthesia, as recommended by the AVDC, AVMA, and AAHA.

5. What types of expenses is MRGF funding?

Allowable expenses include, but are not limited to: medical care, dental care, preventive care (e.g., blood panel, bp screening, urinalysis), medical or facility equipment, transportation and relocation due to overcrowding, advertising and other promotion-related costs, food, and emergency assistance.

(Example of MRGF Grant Applicant's Application and Budget Template HERE)

6. How many grants are offered each year? What is the maximum amount to request?

For 2024, MRGF is offering 2 grant cycles. The maximum amount that can be requested is $10,000 per organization.

7. Our organization applied, but did not receive funding. Is MRGF providing feedback on applications?

It is not automatic, but we can provide feedback on applications if requested. Please contact

8. What is expected of my organization when we receive grant funds?

A. You have one year from the start of your grant to use all the funds. Requests to change the intended use of funds or time extensions must be submitted in writing for consideration.

B. You are required to submit Quarterly Reports until all the grant funds have been utilized. (If all grant funds are used in the first quarter, submit only the first Quarterly Report.)

C. You must provide 2 Success Stories with accompanying photographs. These may be submitted with either your quarterly or final report.

9. If we have received grant funds, when can we apply again?

Any organization currently within their grant spending period is ineligible to be invited for a new grant. At this time, each grant cycle’s pool of applicants is unique, in the interest of providing assistance to as many organizations as possible. Receipt of past funds does not guarantee inclusion in future grant cycles.